About Goldberg Technologies LLC

Goldberg Technologies LLC was founded in 2009 by Stanley Goldberg.  As Vice President of Operations at a growing start-up, Stanley quickly realized the need to expand in a cost efficient way.  He formed GTLLC to help businesses do just that, and has brought on Bradley Nye and Brian Ayala to help manage and execute his vision.


Stanley, a Georgia native, graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2003 having earned a degree in Economics.  Hired out of school by start-up Courtroom Connect, Stanley moved up to New York City to help them build infrastructure and expand in the NorthEast.  Within two years at Courtroom Connect, Stanley was managing the NorthEast business and all events throughout the nation.  Now back in Atlanta, Georgia, Stanley is currently Vice President of Operations at Courtroom Connect, managing retail operations and sales efforts.


Brad also attended Oglethorpe and graduated in 2002 having earned a degree in Computer Science.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Brad began his career working at EarthLink, where he was promoted to run their Learning Systems.  He was later hired by Rubbermaid to develop their Learning Systems and currently continues to consult with them.


Brian graduated from the University of Georgia in 2003 having earned a degree in Management Information Systems.  He was hired by a contractor for the Department of Defense where he helps manage and administer their servers and systems globally.  Brian is based in Charleston, South Carolina.