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February 1st, 2010 - Goldberg Technologies and Intracom Systems integrate VCOM software with a top broadcasting company's hardware intercom system, providing a fully expandable and flexible solution for anyone, any where to monitor news and shows, and communicate quickly.

Your Partner in the SouthEast


Goldberg Technologies LLC is a Georgia based consulting company that helps businesses expand and scale.  With 20 years of operations, communications, and technology consulting experience, GTLCC can provide your company with the ability to sell to and support customers in Georgia and the SouthEast. 

GTLLC can provide your company with everything from operational consulting on expansion plans, to being your representative in Georgia and across the SouthEast, to simply being a support technician on-site.  We understand that not every company can have a presence in all customer areas, and we strive to provide businesses with the ability to expand their reach with little or no overhead.

If your company is looking to expand in Georgia and/or the SouthEast,

we're there for you...